1974 West Islip High School 50th Reunion

September 14, 2024


Till the Reunion

About Our Reunion:

Class of 1974's 50th Celebration

Greetings, fellow ’74 classmates! Half a century has flown by since we were high schoolers, and the moment has come for us to reunite, cherish old memories, and celebrate the incredible journey we’ve taken together.

Based on thoughtful feedback from 105 of our very own last July, we’ve curated an experience that promises to be both nostalgic and electrifying.

Here's a glimpse into what we've planned:

Date & Time

Make sure your calendar is free on
September 14, 2024
7-11pm EST
Simplay NY
Long Island’s unparalleled multi-sport simulator facility

Special Accommodations for WIHS Class of 1974

Marriott Residence Inn Hauppauge
Just 4 miles from Simplay

Dress Code

We're keeping things laid-back and casual.
So, sport your favorite informal attire

Make Your Reservation: Buy Your Ticket Now

Limited to 250 attendees only
Whether attending solo or accompanied, everyone’s presence is eagerly desired.
“If you need Financial assistance”
Priced at a comfortable


*Limited to 250 attendees only

Be a helping hand!

  1. Supporting Our Classmates : Recognizing that some may face additional travel expenses, we welcome generous contributions to help defray these costs.
  2. Class of ’74 Legacy : As a tribute to our legacy, we’re also pooling in donations for two scholarships, destined for two deserving West Islip High School students from the Class of 2025.

Your contributions will play a pivotal role in making our reunion experience truly unforgettable!

1974 Memories

To truly capture the essence of our shared memories and the journey we’ve taken over the past 50 years, we’re reaching out with a special request. Let’s dive deep into our treasure troves and bring out those cherished photographs from our school days in West Islip. Whether it’s a candid classroom moment, a memorable school event, or just casual snapshots of our youth, every picture tells a story, and we want to showcase them all!

Download 1974 WIHS Yearbook

Wisdom to My Younger Self

In addition, we’d love for you to record a video selfie. Reflecting on the past five decades, consider this: “Knowing what you know now, what piece of wisdom would you share with your younger self?” Let’s gather these pearls of wisdom and celebrate not just where we’ve been, but how far we’ve come.


A Tribute to Our Departed Classmates

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